The Finnish Nurses Association

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Read the brochure: Finnish Nurses Association. (pdf, 1,6 Mb, August 2014)

The Finnish Nurses Association is a professsional organization for registered nurses.

Organization and goals



Nurses thrive and excel in their profession


We support nurses in developing their professional skills and well-being at work.


  • Nurse-centricity
  • Ethics
  • Courage

We strive to

  • Maintain nurses’ professionalism at a high and up-to-date level throughout their careers, from their student days onwards.
  • Have the nursing profession is  recognized and respected. Nurses can be proud of their profession and professionalism.
  • Ensure that nurses do well in their profession.

Together we are more!

Join us in building the best professional community in the world together with our fellow nurses. The more of us there are, the better our voice will be heard.


We are your professional community. We support your knowhow and your well-being on and off duty. We make your work visible in social discussion and aim to increase the appreciation of nurses’ profession. We make sure that your voice is heard and we advocate for you and your profession.