Nurses’ Collegiality Guidelines

The Finnish Nurses Association released Nurses’ Collegiality Guidelines May 2014. The idea came from the members. Guidelines are based on a systematic literature review  and a member research.

According to our systematic literature review collegiality among nurses is a part of ethical basis in nursing. Based on the results, there has been little research conducted on the collegiality of nurses, regardless of the fact that the phenomenon itself is rather well known. At the heart of collegiality lies a goal shared by professionals. Personal and professional foundations of values serve as the premise for collegiality. Collegiality can be realizes on the profession’s autonomic decision-making, in collaboration and communication as a form of professional self-regulation. Collegiality is influenced by ogranisational support and in interactions with the surrounding society. 


Nurses´Collegiality Guidelines     
Poster of a process of producing Collegiality Quidelines (Systematic literature review)

Direktiv om kollegialitet för sjukskötare