Finnish Nurses Association council elects new board


The council of the Finnish Nurses Association convened an extraordinary meeting, 2 July 2016. The council released the FNA’s president Merja Merasto, vice-president Marianne Sipilä and the board of their duties. The extraordinary session of the council elected the FNA’s health policy and development director, Nina Hahtela, as the organisation’s interim president. Heli Naukkarinen will be the FNA’s interim vice-president.

The council also elected seven interim deputy board members. Their tenure lasts until the next meeting of the council, 26 November.

The FNA council has been dissatisfied with the council’s efforts to make the Association a labour market organisation. Earlier, at its annual meeting, 11 June, the FNA council decided that the investigative work on a transition to being a labour market organisation would no longer continue. The council thereby decided that the FNA would remain a partner organisation of the Union of Health and Social care Professionals (Tehy) in Finland.

The new FNA president, Nina Hahtela (44) is a Doctor of Health Sciences. Her doctoral thesis dealt with the workplace culture of health care and its relationship to nursing outcomes. Nina has worked at the FNA since 2007, most recently as the organisation’s heath policy and development director. Prior to this she worked as a nurse and head nurse at the HUS Children’s Hospital.


Further information:

FNA council chairperson Terhi Reunama, Tel: +358 40 5105 560


FNA interim president Nina Hahtela,, Tel: +358 10 321 3331.