Welcome to Helsinki!

The 8th INP/APNN conference will take place in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

Finland offers a number of fascinating features like unspoilt nature, thousands of islands and lakes, peacefulness, and strong seasonal contrasts. In addition, Finland is also a modern Nordic country with a high standard of living and advanced economy and technology.

Finland's capital city Helsinki is perfect in many  ways: big enough to enjoy both extensive variety and rich diversity, yet contained enough to be experienced easily, enjoyably and safely.

Helsinki is full of activity!

The metropolitan area is a centre of culture, design, science, trade, and business. In addition, several sports events, museums and interesting sights are available. Helsinki is one of the finest art nouveau (jugend style) cities in Europe.

The large green areas and  sea are essential parts of the personality of Helsinki, 'the daughter of the Baltic Sea'.

Practically everything in central Helsinki - hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and sights - are within a walking distance. One can also take a taxi or use Helsinki's efficient public transport.

There's only half a million inhabitants in the city itself. This translates into a relaxed, friendly and safe atmosphere. Most Finns take it for granted that visitors don't speak their language, and they are glad to make use of their English or other  languages they master.

In addition to summer light and warmth, major arts festivals are offered in Helsinki every August. Finland’s largest arts festival, Helsinki Festival, takes place in 2014 during 15-31 August.

Helsinki can be reached easily from anywhere
Helsinki-Vantaa airport has around 160 international arrivals daily, with connections from Europe, Asia and America. Around 40 airlines serve Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located 20 km from the city centre.

Foreign nationals arriving in Finland - for information see the webpage of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.


Travelling from Helsinki

While in Helsinki, you might want to take an opportunity to visit for example Lapland in Northern Finland or our near-by countries. Helsinki is a good starting point for Baltic cruises to St Petersburg to the east and Stockholm to the west. There are daily cruise ferry connections between Stockholm and Helsinki, operated by the Silja-Tallink and Viking Lines. To visit St Petersburg you might as well take the Allegro train. Or maybe you want to take a day-trip to the Estonian capital, Tallinn, just 90 minutes by hydrofoil across the Gulf of Finland.

Excursions from Helsinki might include a coastal steamer trip to the Old Town of Porvoo, a leisurely cruise around the local archipelago, or a trek through the National Park at nearby Nuuksio. Rail connections operate from Helsinki to all Finnish rail destinations, including Lapland. Express bus services also cover the country from Helsinki.

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Special tips for August in Helsinki:
- The Finnish National Gallery, Ateneum, hosts until 7 September 2014 a major centenary exhibition presenting Tove Jansson’s impressive career as an artist, illustrator, political caricaturist, author and creator of the Moomin characters and stories.
- Helsinki Festival takes place 15-31 August 2014
- From just by the Conference venue you can take a short ferry trip to Suomenlinna fortress