Instructions to prepare your presentation

1. Poster presentations


Venue information

•    The poster boards are located at the foyer areas at the venue. See the base map of the venue.
•    Posters are on display from 8:00 to 17:00. Each presenter is scheduled to present a poster on one day during the conference. You will have information on your presentation day(s) by an email. 
•    You are responsible for printing and bringing your poster to the conference site.
•    You are responsible for displaying your poster and taking it down at the end of the day. The set-up of posters is  8:00-9:00 am on each conference day. The posters should be removed by 17:00. The posters not removed by 17:00 are removed from the board by the organizers.
•    Please, check the correct board number for your poster presentation at registration upon arrival.


•    At least one named presenter of the abstract needs to be registered by the end of January 2014 and the conference fee has to be paid in due time.
•    Size of the poster board (excl. poster board frame) is 160 cm (height) x 95 cm (width). Note that your poster should be vertical as the poster boards are all vertical. See a picture of a poster board.
•    Posters should be in English.
•    Thumbtacks/pins are provided on site.
•    Poster presenters are encouraged to be at their posters during the allocated viewing times to engage in discussion about their work.
•    The aim of the poster is to describe shortly and precisely the work of the participant and evoke discussions on the topic.
•    Make your objective and main points easy to find.
•    Graphs, photos, and diagrams may be included to poster presentations.
•    Handouts of posters and business cards may be of interest to many viewers.



•    Text should be readable from five feet / 1.5 metres away.
•    Text size:  at least 70 point in title, 40 point in section title, and minimum of 25 point in block text.
•    Avoid use of fancy fonts. Black text is the most legible.
•    Use between 1.2 and 2.0 line-spacing.

Poster format

•    The posters may adapt the following headings to display information: Title, Author(s), Author Affiliations, Introduction, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion, Main References,  Acknowledgements, Correspond Information

See a useful link for more information about creating an effective poster presentation.


2. Oral presentations and workshops


The  rooms for oral presentations are situated in the Marina Conference Center. See the room locations. The workshops  take place at the Scandic Grand Marina hotel, right opposite to the venue.

There are seven concurrent sessions and one workshop at each time. Please check the scheduled presentation time and location from the Conference programme.

A Speakers' Room is available at the venue, where you are able to check your presentation, if you need to.  

All the presentation rooms have a computer (PC) with an Internet connection and a video projector. Using a PowerPoint presentation is strongly suggested.

Bring your presentation to the oral session or workshop on time. You are responsible for loading your presentation to the computer of the corresponding conference hall where you hold your presentation. Please, take care that this takes place no later than during the previous break before your presentation.  Test and/or load your presentation even earlier than during the previous break to ensure that there is enough time if you need special help for some reason. Assistance is available in each presentation room during the whole conference.

You can even load your presentation already on Sunday 17 August. The registration at the venue will be open 16:00-18:00.

The length of the oral presentations is 20 minutes. Five minutes are reserved for discussion at the end of each presentation (=15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion).

The length of the workshops is either 60 or 80 minutes.

The conference schedule is very tight and therefore we kindly ask you to stick to the allocated presentation time. There are lunch and coffee breaks between sessions and they are detailed in the conference program.

Audio-visual instructions

We strongly encourage you to use the presentation computers in each lecture hall provided by the organisers. In case of your own computer, please adhere to the following technical instructions:

  • PC Windows 7, Office 2010 (older versions are also supported).
  • In case of a MacBook, the presenter must use his/her own adapter. For this, we cannot offer any assistance.

Presentation types accepted: PowerPoint or PDF
Video: Windows Media Player

Use the standard fonts to avoid possible difficulties.

Microphones are used in all larger lecture halls.
Remote control of notebook PCs, data projectors, and laser pointers are available from the organiser.

Try to ensure that you do not lose access to your presentation before you have loaded it to the presentation computer. You should have your presentation on a USB stick and  in your email. Thus, you have an easy access to it in case you  lose or somehow destroy your USB stick.



In the Marina Congress Centre, a free access to the Internet is available. Unfortunately, the Internet connection is not fast enough to allow presentations via the Internet. So, please download your full presentation on  your own USB stick.

Video clips


Before leaving home, make sure that all details of your presentation and videos are in one file and  the path from your PowerPoint is to this particular file.  This helps you to load the presentation at the congress.

See a useful link for more information about creating an effective PowerPoint presentation.