Finnish Nurses Association to host international nursing conference in Helsinki


The Finnish Nurses Association will host an international conference on Advanced nursing practice: Expanding access and improving healthcare outcomes, Helsinki, August 18.-20.2014. The conference will aim to generate an overall understanding of how the expanded roles of nurses are being used in different countries, and their impact on patient care. Over 700 nursing professionals from around the world are expected to attend the conference.

“We are very pleasantly surprised at the interest aroused by the conference. Participants from over 30 countries have registered. The expanded roles of nurses are currently a hot topic internationally,” says Anna Suutarla Head of International Affairs at the Finnish Nurses Association.

Evidence from OECD studies show that two of the biggest healthcare problems – availability and quality – can be alleviated by advanced nursing practice. Experience already gained in this area indicates that it improves access to treatment and patient satisfaction, and that it shortens waiting times.

“Advanced practice nurses/nurse practitioners have an expanded scope of practice to meet the needs of their patients. Some of these expanded practices include the ability to order diagnostic tests, to prescribe medications and refer to other health care professionals. Patients’ access to treatment is made easier and resources can be used more efficiently. Also, it allows countries to develop a flexible, responsive workforce in meeting increasing demands of healthcare delivery” explains Anna Green Chair of the International Nurse Practitioner /Advanced Practice Nursing Network.

The Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) conference will share experiences and information that can be utilised by advanced practice nurses. The conference’s wide-ranging programme will examine the conference theme from the perspectives of patient access to treatment, treatment outcomes and costs.


Check out Conference program and Keynote speakers! We warmly welcome members of the press (accreditation) to the conference and to a summery Helsinki!