New English website opened in September 2022

This English portal is hosted by the Finnish Nurses Association. It serves our English-speaking visitors while our main website, Suomen Sairaanhoitajat, is being updated with English content. The update will be ready in early September.

We kindly ask for your patience until then! If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us - we are happy to help!

The Finnish Nurses Association

The Finnish Nurses Association is a professional community for nurses. We support your knowhow and your well-being on and off duty. We make your work visible in social discussion and aim to increase the appreciation of nurses’ profession. We make sure that your voice is heard, and we advocate for you and your profession.




Finnish Nurses Association's Digital Social and Health Services Strategy (eHealth) is published

Finnish Nurses Association has published its Digital Social and Health Services Strategy (eHealth).