The Finnish Nurses Association
The portal is hosted by The Finnish Nurses Association, which is closely involved in developing training, nursing care and working conditions as well as acting as an expert and collaborative body with decision-makers. Read more about The Finnish Nurses Association.


Finnish Nurses Association council elects new board

The council of the Finnish Nurses Association convened an extraordinary meeting, 2 July 2016. The council released the FNA’s president Merja Merasto, vice-president Marianne Sipilä and the board of their duties. The extraordinary session of the council elected the FNA’s health policy and development director, Nina Hahtela, as the organisation’s interim president. Heli Naukkarinen will be the FNA’s interim vice-president.

eHealth strategy of the Finnish Nurses Association

Finnish Nurses Association has published its eHealth strategy 2015-2020. Now the strategy is available also in English.

Nurses’ international Workforce Forum to meet in Helsinki

The International Council of Nurses’ Workforce Forum 2015 will convene in Helsinki 28-30 September. The conference will bring together nursing experts from around the world to discuss the situation of human resources and working conditions in the nursing profession.